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Full service property Management

Welcome to Sivoline property Management Group's Official Website

Sivoline property Management Group was founded by the CEO, Thelma Ckto,Ivan Sebu in 2016, Sivo  

 Sivoline Estate Management is a team-based organisation, and prides itself in building and developing strong, motivated, productive, but above all, engaged colleagues. With a number of options available to vacation rental owners, choosing a property management company can be a challenge. 

Homeowners have to consider each company’s unique style, reputation, and specialty to ensure they’re making the best decision for their property.

Considering your property management options, ask yourself this:

  • Are you prepared to settle for partial management of your home? 
  • Do you want to experience the peace of mind a full service property manager can provide that you are receiving the most from your investment.

Sivo Property Management Package includes all of the above as well as the following:

  • Property management Rental process
  • real estate and property management requirements
  • Managing tenant disputes
  • marketing
  • find a tenant
  • Drawing up the tenancy agreement 
  • rent collection
  • arranging check in of the tenant at the start of the tenancy
  • Re-marketing and management of vacant property
  • Tenancy contact registration with relevant authorities
  • Quarterly Report
  • Banking post dated cheques
  • Managing check out process
  • Dedicated property Supervisor
  • Arranging repairs and maintenance
  • Guaranteed rental income
  • Management of claims
  • Monthly administration:
  • Monthly invoicing
  • Rental collection and chasing late payments
  • Utilities collection and payment
  • Retention of the tenant’s deposit in our trust account
  • Rates and levies payment
  • Tenant Management:
  • Managing tenant queries on a day-to-day basis
  • Resolving repairs and maintenance issues
  • Incoming, 6 month and outgoing inspections

Sivoline Agency we provides a wide ranging services that are designed to cater all end-to-end real estate and property management requirements.

Sivoline Management Package fee: 5% finder’s fee (excluding VAT) plus 10% management fee (excluding VAT).

Our Property Management Service!

Sivoline Estate Management includes wide range category of commercial and Residential property Management Service such as  

Agency offer property management Service  property related to :

  • Office tower Property Management.
  • Retail development Property Management.
  • Property rentals Management.
  • Warehouse Property Management.
  • Storage Property Management.
  • Hotel complex Property Management.
  • Hotel operations  Property Management.
  • Hotel  resorts Property Management.
  • Lodges Property Management.
  • Bay Area Property Management.
  • Property caretakers Management.
  •  condominium and homeowners .
  •  leasing and rent collection of commercial properties .
  • find and place tenants.
  • Land property Management.